Keep Scrolling 

Find out what we do at Fearless! 


  • We will encourage your little ones to be the best they can be.

  • Your kids will feel part of something special and will leave excited to come back.

  • Confidence building is related to every thing we do, as it is a main priority here. 

  • We want kids to walk away with self belief. 

  • It is important for each child to have courage in their own ideas and creative minds.

  • We are passionate for positive thinking, as we know the importance it has to every day life,  this will reflect in our classes.


We do all of this through a number of drama games and activities, with the teachers that have been carefully picked, for their unique and brilliant style of teaching! 
We ensure that our classes are fun and fresh every single week.


It is very important we express that we are not a show driven school. 
We are here to benefit your child and their own personal development.
We have no intention of putting pressure on any child to be "show ready".
We simply enjoy the time to build your child's confidence and have lots of fun in the process. 

Bring your child along and see if Fearless is something they enjoy and can benefit from.